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Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Tarik
Model Number: Tarik Rosin T-rex 2
Product name: tarik rosin press
Size: 209*150*69mm
Working power: 300W
Working Temperature: 100-150 ℃: (212~302°F)
Working time: 1 minutes/time
Inpout: 90-240V/AC , 50/60Hz
Safety Power Duration: <=3Minutes/Time
features 1: fully atomatic/high power
features 2: press/working tem,pressure and time can be set up easily
service: OEM/ODM

This Item was Featured as "High Times Hot Product 2017", in their August 2017 Issue!!  The deluxe T-Rex 2 is the best small bolt driven pneumatic rosin press The Tarik Rosin T-Rex 2 is a small but fully automatic bolt driven powerful diy at home machine for oil extraction. It's as simple as set your desired temperature, desired pressure & desired time to press. Add your friendly herbs inside of 20 included parchment papers. Close the lid & touch the start button. The heavy duty bolt screws into the lid acting like a vise, pressurizing you herbs to desired temperature & time. After set time the motor reverses the bolt to open the lid. Presto quick solvent-less shatter in no time!





model name
Tarik rosin v.2
Temperature0-150 degree
working time 1minute/time
safety power duration<10minutes/time
overheat protection80 degree
pressure rating180-250kg

Product Description


How to use this item ?

1) , Power-on

Plug the two ends of the power cord were connected to the machine and electricty outlets. At this time the motor reverses about 2S , the LCD screen is lit 1s . LCD screen display  logo and input voltage .


2), Starting up 


Touch the power key once to enter the standby mode. The LCD screen is lit , not heated , the motor does not rotate 


3), Parameter settings 

In the standby mode , touch the function key . When a rectangle appears before a parameter , it inducates that the parameter is selected , and then use the add key or subtract key to modify it .


4) , Heating 

After setting the relevant parameters , touch the power button once to start heating . At this point the work indicator flashes , the fire symbol . ( If you want to stop heating , touch the power button again )


5), Open the cover & Place the pressed material 

When the temperature reaches the set valuem the power indicator light is on , and the "wait" character is dusplayed on the right side of the LCD screen .Press the physical key to open the cover . After being squeezed objects with high temperature resustant paper package, pressed  into the press area , then close the cover .


6), Pressurized 

Touch the power button once to begin pressurization . The machine will automotifcally press down to the set pressure level . When the pressure reaches the set value , the motor stops working and starts to calculate the pressure holding time .When the set dwell time is reached , the motor will automotically reverse and disengage. If you need to stop working during the pressing  process , touch the power button once .


7), Open the cover & Remove the pressed material 

After the motor stops rotating , press the physical button to open the top cover to take out the pressed material 


8), Shutdown 

Long press 1.5 seconds to shut down. If you need to press again , repeat steps 3-7 above .

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