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Long-term study data: 42% of smokers in the United States quit smoking through electronic cigarettes

An American study data show that 85% of smokers choose from electronic cigarettes as the last method of smoking cessation. At the same time, the data show that the proportion of successful smoking cessation reached 42.4% among those heavy vapor, which is higher than any other successful smoking cessation method.

Britain has officially recommended electronic cigarettes as a substitute for smoking cessation products, the United States is different, electronic cigarettes are still classified as tobacco products, and subject to FDA regulation.

University of California conducted a study to track smokers and those using both regular cigarette and vapor to analyze the vaping heavily making the impact on smoking habits, the study which has been going on for more than two years ranging from 2012 to 2014 Year had tracked 2028 smokers.

The study shows that more than one-third of smokers quit smoking successfully  through electronic cigarettes.

At the same time, 96.2% of vaper believe that E-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes