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Why more and more smokers switch to E-cigarettes

According to The "Tobacco and Tobacco Control Economics" research report recently released by World Health Organization,6 million people die of smoking every year!The number will grow by more than one third! Nearly 80 percent of the world's 1.1 billion smokers live in low- and middle-income countries. It is estimated that the number of deaths will grow by more than one-third by 2030 due to smoking! 

It is understood that tobacco control is one of the main means by which the World Health Organization deal with global chronic non-communicable diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes,which cause about 16 million people to die before the age of 70 each year.

In order to avoid the harm of cigarettes on the body, for those who can not quit smoking , it goes without saying that electronic cigarette is becoming their best option,so why more and more smokers switch to eciagr.

First of all, electronic cigarettes contribute to bulk in cost savings since electronic cigarettes is recycled compared to traditional cigarettes. It is perfect for those addicted in heavy smokers. Aside from that, e-cigarettes are far less harmful than regular cigarettes.We can summarize the difference for ten points between e-ciagrettes and regular cigarettes.

1. Healthier 

E-cigarettes are healthier than regular cigarettes; no tobacco, no tar or related toxins. You would never be troubled by 4000 + a variety of chemicals and more than 40 kinds of carcinogens any more When vaping

2. Smokeless smelly and No second-hand smoke

Vapor would not discharge the nausea of sniffing taste, eliminating the tobacco odor on your clothes, hair, furniture, etc. Conversely,Smoke of the electronic cigarette contains sweet taste and can evaporate quickly and disappear in the air.

3. No ash

Vapor does not require burning, which is very environmentally friendly, does not produce soot or cigarette butts.

4. No tar stains on teeth

Electronic cigarettes will not make the teeth dipping tar and turning into yellow resulting in bad breath

5. Higher social acceptance

Smoking cigarettes harm themselves and other people's bodies,it usually need to be restricted to the restricted area to use. Electronic cigarettes will not affect the health of people around.

6. Can control the dose and concentration of nicotine

The smoke used in electronic cigarettes has a different nicotine concentration ranging from none of nicotine to high levels depended on personal preferences,which can help reduce the dependence of nicotine and slowly addiction.