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Crafted for the perfect vaping experience


In order to better present Hengkangda's more comfortable professional environment and provide warm and perfect electronic cigarette vaping experience, Heng Kangda Technology Co., Ltd. specially modified the company's reception desk and added a new vaping experience room. 


Stepping into Hengkangda, what attracts you is is that two rows of letters which are English and Chinese Heng Kangda technology and the orange referred to as HKDA are embedded on the classic elegant black tiles, meanwhile,the ground of entire company are covered with clean and tidy carpet just for making the air fresh and environment comfortable,aside from that, a world map and five clocks with time from various regions located in Paris and Berlin and Sydney and London and Newyork respectively are sticked and hang on the wall so that the sale boys and sale girl from Hengda are capacity of grasping timely around the world's geographical location and human environment and time to facilitate professional sales and track and services distributors and customers distributed around the world . 

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the vaping experience room comes with a variety of small decoration like Picture frames, discs, 8.jpgfilm board etc and the bar table with the shelves filled Drink alcohol and fruit juice, etc., so that electronic cigarette lovers enjoy more casual environment while vaping with the beyang portable ehookah which is sub-brand of Hong Kangda coming with unique filter which could be filled with water, juice and Coke and other unique electronic cigarettes!All kinds of electronic cigarette lovers, Welcome to experience!

Heng Kangda technology does not only keep in improving professional and comfortable environment and experience, but continue to improve the characteristics of the the atomization heater wire of beyang H3 H5, H3 H5 portable e hookah comes with heavier vaping cloud.

Heng Kangda can not do the best, but can do better, welcome to visit Hengkangda and beyang and experience the perfect electronic cigarette trip!