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Legend series vapor and hookah -------- creativity brings unique experience


Since the European "TPD", the United States "FDA" policy was proposed and implemented, tobacco has been restricted in public places, smoking shall be restricted strictly not only in public places , but prohibited in some places.

What is the difference between H-legend (hereinafter referred to as H3 H4 H5) and traditional hookah and electronic cigarette ? There are three kinds of H-legend series available currently: H3 H4 H5, H3 H5 is the vapor coming with tank filter, H4 is hookah head.

H3 H5 has the same appearance and function as the traditional electronic cigarette, but comes with water installation filter filled with water, wine, cola or other mixed drinks, it makes the flavor lighter, relieve the irritate vaping make on the throat, taste and taste varied, It is worth mentioning that the tank filter not only can reduce the harm of nicotine vaping with the eliquid flavor with the tobacco, but also can alleviate the addiction.


H4 is pretty different from the those traditional hookah with Charcoal burning, it is a revolutionary innovation:

1. Comes with the temperature control and time control system, the remote control: just enjoy hookah anytime and anywhere, you would not upset by the trouble caused by too high temperature caused ( set to 3 minutes temporarily, which could be customizable according to your needs)

2. With batteries, 2*18650 batteries, replace the traditional charcoal burning series, more adequate power and easy to replace

3. cut tobacco or pipe tobacco or even Cotton burning ejuice, versatile, better flavor, the heating element is made of ceramics, insulation, no heat, no high temperature toxic gas emissions, environmental protection, it is more convenient to clean.

H-legend series hookah has been thumbsed by many vapors since it came out. H3 and H5 come with water installation filter makes the vaping more healthy and more comfortable, given the H5 can be used anytime, anywhere, including those non-smoking bars, visits, nightclubs and other places thanks to its adjustable temperature control and remote control.

"That is a very good idea," says Aladdin of Germany. "It's a healthier way of smoking. It is a pretty new product that has been making an impact on the traditional hookah industry and is almost completely recyclable due to its exterior battery and ceramic design, so it would be a very eco-friendly definitely”

Recently, many traditional industries customers have tested out the H-legend series, respectively, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom and so on, the response is very warm, and their consistent result is: a pretty creative unique stuff is better than the traditional hookah and vapor.