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Which is more harmful between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes

At present, the development of electronic cigarettes has taken a huge step forward, and now there is a further need to increase the degree of acceptance by the public. According to United Kingdom Ministry of health, sponsored the PHE (United Kingdom Public Health), a new renews-vapor-with-tank-filter-and-ejuice-application.jpgport was released that has already concluded new electronic cigarettes reduce smoke up to 95% compared to traditional cigarettes. In addition, the e-cigarette entirely has the potential to help people quit smoking and may even be added to those substances which affect. Electronic cigarettes has the potential to alter the health industry, especially among smokers and secondhand smoke hazards.

Ann McNeill, a professor at King's College London, stated that according to the latest research results, there are still nearly half of British (44.8%) that do not know electronic cigarettes have smoke much less than traditional tobacco. In fact, there are still many people still believe that electronic cigarettes can harm as much as traditional cigarettes, and such erroneous views of people continue to increase. 8.1% increase from 2013 to 2015 years 22.1%. PHE says the selection of electronic cigarettes are not entirely harmless, but will significantly reduce the hazard, and eventually help smokers to give up the habit of smoking. Service providers for smoking cessation should be vigorously promoting the benefits of electronic cigarettes. Smokers give up smoking completely in the end. 


PHE Kevin Fenton, head of health and Welfare, stated that the United Kingdom will begin in October, this year, a legislation to ban citizens under 18 years of age to purchase electronic cigarettes because  the long-term health effects of electronic cigarettes for young people is uncertain. While electronic cigarettes still need to continue to spread, it is believed that as technology continues to progress, the problems and difficulties of electronic cigarettes will be solved step by step.